Salon Philosophy

“Your Hair is Your Mood Maker, the Gown You Never Take Off”

Speak for Your Self – You are Special

Who and what speaks for you? So often how you look determines how you feel and how others respond to you. Whether this should be so or not, it’s a fact of life. For most people, whether they know it or not, their appearance is an important part of their personal means of communicating with others.

The clothes you choose, the way you care for and wear them, say things about you. The same is true of your make-up, accessories and the way you wear your hair. Poise, movement, the fragrances you wear, all make statements about you to other people. The words you speak may be saying one thing, your appearance may be saying another.

What are you – Success or Failure?

Your attractiveness adds to, or detracts from your personality and the social identity you have, or adopt.
Your effort and ability to make the most of your appearance works for or against you in all kinds of relationships, in friendships, at work and in marriage. Your personal confidence in interviews can mean the difference between success and failure.

People who only care about their appearance on special occasions forget the messages their appearance communicates every day.

If your appearance signals “I don’t care about myself most days”, others will start to agree with you.

Living Mirrors – What do they Reveal?

Everyone is a living mirror of personal taste. What you wear and how you wear it are reflections of your taste and your personality.

Your choice of colour, shape and texture is there for all to see. To like, or to dislike. To be attracted or repulsed by.

Each day you demonstrate your flair for matching and contrast, or the lack of it.

Whether you make an effort to wear something different each day, the freshness and appearance of fabrics, all affects the way people knowingly or unknowingly respond to you.

The Great Mistake

When it comes to attractiveness, one of the biggest mistakes is the way people forget about, or mis-manage their face and hair.

As the poem – “The Essence of You” says, it touches your features with the magic of design. It speaks to you every day. The gown you never take off. It is your mood maker. Your hair: Beautiful”
People are attracted to voices and movement. Look around now at people both listening and speaking and notice how much their head moves.

Your hair is a critical part of your total image. Your hair says things about you – do you like what it is saying?

Perceptive Design

The centre circles to the right are both the same size but their perceived appearance is changed by what is placed around them. Your hair style changes the appearance of your face, eyes and head. Just as the light shade of make-up can change the appearance of your face and it’s contours, so the amount of shape, texture, colour and movement of your hair controls the visual perception of your facial attractiveness.

Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you. Not to take a real interest in your daily attractiveness and the role of your hair is wasteful of an opportunity for greater fulfilment in your life.

Which Matters Most?

Too many people care more about the way they choose, wash and condition their clothes than they do about their face and hair. People will often think nothing of spending hundreds of pounds on a dress or suit and then either spend nothing or very little on the face and hair. When it comes to appearance it is not a matter of which matters most – clothes hair or cosmetics. The most expensive car you can think of does not run smoothly because most of its key parts are in place and working, but because they are all there. Remove the tiniest one and thousands of pounds worth of car remain motionless. To get the recipe of appearance right, it is a case of getting together all the ingredients and knowing how to use them properly.

The Way Ahead – Antony’s Professional Hair Salon & Training Academy

To make the most of your personality, appearance and your ability to communicate, your hair must be designed to work for you every day of the year. The shampoo and conditioner & styling products you select, the way they are used and the way your hair is dried, determines the real value of a hairstyle. We know and care about the problems of “Self-Drying for Style” and how we can help.

Antony’s Professional Hair Designers know the true value of a few moments spent asking key questions. They specialise in working with new clients because they know how important it is for a person to find a hairdresser that truly cares – not just on the day of your visit, but how the result will work for you until your next visit.

There is something different about you

You are special. We believe it’s important to make sure your personal needs and desires are properly evaluated so that the style & colour chosen will work for you every day. Your hair is different. That is why we don’t leave you to be a stranded shelf-shopper. We offer professional recommendations regarding the right hair cosmetics and equipment you need, and how these should be used to maintain your look, sheen and manageability. Hair that looks touchable is attractive. Hair that is touchable is beautiful.

Best Salon Reviews

Read our five star salon reviews of Antony's hair salon Bury, Manchester.

147 reviews with an average rating of 4.9
Salon Review
Karen Shears
Colour & cut with Spiros on Saturday 3rd as always he listens to me & is very caring! the way he cuts & colours my hair brilliant!!! as soon as you step into the salon you are made to feel so welcome!!! Thank you to you all!!!!! Karen xx
Salon Review
Marie Moran
The colour sale is a great offer at Anthonys . Had a lovely colour yesterday by Joanna. I'm always happy with Joanna's cut and colour - fabulous hair stylist
Salon Review
Samantha H
Absolutely love Antonys For Hair. They are really good at the hair updo’s for weddings. Thank you ladies for making me look lovely on my special day xxx

Antonys Hair Salon – Top Hairdressers in Bury

Whether you fancy a complete re-style, want to transform your look with a bold new hair colour or need a fringe trim, our expert hairstylists deliver a personalised & professional salon experience.

Our clients recommend us as being the best hair colour specialists in Bury, who have the skills and knowledge to deliver stunning hair colours including balayage, ombre, highlights and fashion colours.

You Care – We Care

There is something different about you. We care about how your hair looks and what it really does for you. You know we expect you to care about your hair too in between salon visits. If you wanted any arrogant, solely self interested, uncaring hairdresser, you would not come to us. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and to our own true professionalism.

A True Welcome

We warmly welcome you with the happy commitment that your satisfaction will give you the desire to return. We know a compliment for you is one for us both. The finest compliment you can pay us is to recommend your friends to come too. We look forward to meeting them. We want you to be proud that you go to an Antony’s Professional Hair Designer.
We know there is something different about you, and we care.

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