Perming Services at Antonys for Hair Hairdressing Salon in Bury

At Antony’s Hairdressing in Bury we specialise in the latest perming techniques and will create the perfect curly hairstyle, tousled waves or effortless soft beachy look for you. Whether you call it a perm, a permanent wave, body wave or creative shaping, perms are back in fashion!

Perms at antonys hair salon in bury

Which Perm is Right For Me?

Beautiful curly hair can now be yours courtesy of the hair styling experts at Antonys for Hair. We deliver perms to transform flat, fine or lifeless hair instantly changing your straight hair into beautiful curls giving it movement and volume.

The size of the perm rod defines the end result of your curl. A larger curling rod will give a tousled more relaxed look while smaller ones giving tighter looking curls. Our expert stylists use both modern and classic perming techniques to achieve natural looking perms, perms to add volume, textured perms and perms to give your hair body and fullness.

How Do I Protect My Permed Hair?

Perms have come a long way in recent years and unlike the curly hairstyles seen in the 80’s, perms can now be carried out on coloured hair.

Chances are, if you are planning to perm your hair you will have lots of questions such as ‘can I have my coloured hair permed? ‘Will a perm damage my hair?’ and ‘how can I prolong the life of my perm?’

Our team of experts will answer all your perming questions and recommend suitable hair treatments to help protect and strengthen your locks in order to deliver you gorgeous curls and the best perm in Bury. If hair has previously been bleached, is brittle or dry, then curls may be prone to frizz.

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Why is Antony’s The Best Hair Salon in Bury For Perms?

If you are looking for a top salon in Bury for perms then visit Antony’s for Hair and allow us to transform your look. We offer a range of perms to give you stunning curls including;
Root Perms: A root perm will add lift to the roots of the hair, these perms are ideal for flat and short hair.

Body Wave Perms: Body wave perms are great for women who want curly hair, creating more volume and greater movement.

Spiral Perms:A spiral perm will create curls with spring and bounce and your cascading curls can be sprung in various directions.

Texture Perms:A texture perm will add texture and soft waves to the hair for a modern, soft look.

How Long Will My Perm Last?

With care your perm can last up to six months. This will depend largely on the quality and texture of your hair. Regular hair cuts are a great way to keep split ends at bay and keep your permed hair looking good.

Why not view or online shop where you can easily purchase a range of top branded shampoo, conditioners and hairstyling products to maintain and care for your permed hair at home?

Can I Wash My Hair After a Perm?

It is advised you wait between 24 & 48 hours before you wash your hair. The reason for this is XXX and to give the curl time to take hold.

Can I Use Heated Appliances on My Newly Permed Hair?

Yes! After having a perm, you are still able to smooth your hair with straighteners, use heated rollers and other heated appliances if you wish. We highly recommend you use a heat protection spray to keep your locks looking shiny and healthy.

Book Your Perm at Antony’s Hair Salon in Bury, Manchester

Visit the hairstyling experts at our top Bury hair salon by calling 0161 764 3074.

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